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The information below was our intial idea, but since then we came up with a better, more decentralized design. As all contributions are rewarded with Kredits anyway, we can use the Kredits issuance data for the contribution dashboard (integrated in A contribution/issuance is stored with an IPFS hash, containing the full details of it. So we could e.g. store the entire GitHub PR/issue information from their Webhooks there, as well as create our own data formats for non-code contributions (can be very minimal, just a category and line of text would work already).


Idea: create a dashboard/overview page showing contribution stats for the whole project. First version could be based almost entirely on the GitHub API and show all activity we can pull in for the 67P organization and its repos.


  • Data is scattered across endpoints and needs to be aggregated by a cron job/worker somehow.
  • Aggregation job should store all data in Kosmos's public remoteStorage account. That makes it a rather general-purpose data scraper, enabling anyone to hack their own dashboards and whatever they come up with for using project contribution data.
  • For Kosmos we can add kredit distribution features such as proposing amounts and (using the address book, also from RS) offering a button for easily sending kredits or at least proposing it to core (maybe even integrated with IRC/chat so others could +1 the transaction)