Kosmos Hackdays 2017/1

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We're planning some invitation-only hackdays for various parts of Kosmos during wwwtf in Berlin.

Dates: May 2-5, 2017, Locations: tbd for each day

May 2

Focus: Kredits

  • Finish first production version of contracts with "replayable" kredit issuance
  • Finish automated proposals for PRs and issues (only missing Web3 part)
  • Adjust kredits-web accordingly
  • Deploy to mainnet (w00t!)

May 3

Open / no special focus

May 4

Focus: Sockethub

  • Docs / website
  • Platforms
  • Connectivity (dis/re-connects, multiple servers, etc.)
  • Direct needs for Kosmos/Hyperchannel

May 5

Open / no special focus

Other dates/events (tbd)

We could also do evening events (e.g. to present sth, like RS, Kosmos, ...) and maybe a RS day on Saturday. Please propose anything you want on IRC (#kosmos on Freenode).