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Kredits are an experimental bonus system for contributors. They are cryptographic tokens, stored on the Bitcoin blockchain (using the Counterparty protocol).

Core team members have access to a common Counterparty wallet, with which they can send kredits to any contributor. This setup will of course need increased security measures in the future, such as multisig transactions.

Anyone can create a Counterparty wallet via e.g. and start receiving kredits for contributions of any kind. People can also send their own kredits to each other if and when they like.

For now kredits are just a fun experiment and gaming element, but the long-term idea is that they can be rewarded with BTC dividends, in case the Kosmos project/org will be in a financial position that allows it to reward everybody who contributed to its success. There's also a variety of other possible use cases, like e.g. a public offering via kredit sales.


  • Leaderboard for contributions/kredits, where people can choose to publish their name or not (based on actual blockchain data)
  • Some way for new contributors to claim kredits sent to them via email link or similar
  • IRC bot for small transactions, so people can send each other kredits on Kosmos project channels
  • Custom wallet, removing all unncesseary features and integrating custom features we'd like to have (like e.g. easy multisig transactions, linked/initiated from a Kosmos chatroom)
  • Running our own Counterparty server