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The Kosmos project is an open co-operative of people, who are developing a free, open-source, and user-centric alternative to centralized group chat platforms, based on widely used protocols and standards.

We also offer a variety of other, hosted communication and collaboration services, mostly focused on users and contributors of free and open-source software.


Kosmos Chat

Kosmos Chat (ex Codename 67P) is a group communication application, based exclusively on open protocols, standards, and data formats. All of its components can be either self-hosted or connected to hosted services. An alpha version is already in use by developers, and a public beta version is planned for early 2021.


Kredits are a system for tracking project contributions, enabling the fair and transparent use of project funds, as well as improving project management and governance. After a couple of years of experimentation, we finally started issuing kredits in production earlier this year. Check out the public contribution dashboard if you're interested.


We run a variety of public services, for which we will soon accept donations for user accounts.

XMPP Instant messaging and group chat
Mastodon Federated social network
Gitea Code hosting and collaboration
Discourse SETUP IN PROGRESS Community forums for all things Kosmos (incl. user support)
Kosmos Accounts Unified accounts for Kosmos services (LDAP[1], work in progress)

Community / Getting in touch / Getting involved




Weekly conference calls

We hold weekly calls to sync our team (and whoever else is interested) on development progress. Every Thursday, 2:30pm UTC/GMT, in Usually 30 to 60 minutes long.


  • Kosmos Chat
  • Kosmos Infra/Ops
  • Kosmos Kredits


This is a list of events with Kosmos activities going on. Please add more, in case you're working on something related somewhere.


  • Kosmos Summit 2020 - October 10-11, 2020 Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy (+ remote participation)



See Notes.

Code of Conduct

Contributor Code of Conduct