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== References ==
== References ==
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<references />

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Kosmos Chat is a service for chat rooms and instant messaging. The service is separate from the chat apps you can use with your account. With a Kosmos Chat account, in the form of username@kosmos.org, you can chat with people on thousands of different servers.


The service is based on XMPP[1][2] (also called Jabber when used for chat), meaning that most chat/messaging apps which support XMPP/Jabber will work with your account. Here are a few apps that we can recommend:


Conversations is a fantastic app, and currently the gold standard for XMPP chat on smartphones. It is easy to use, and supports modern end-to-end encryption between all your devices via OMEMO[3].

📦 Buy it on Google Play (supports development of this open-source app), or 📦 install it from F-Droid and consider a donation instead.


ChatSecure is a chat app for iOS, as the name suggests with a focus on security. Aside from OMEMO encryption, it also has experimental support for Tor directly in the app. 📦 Install it from the App Store

Siskin IM is another option for iOS. It is made by the same people as Beagle IM, so if you use Beagle on a Mac, this option may work better for you. 📦 Install it from the App Store

Linux / BSD

Dino is a modern and simple chat app for Linux. Full support for OMEMO encryption, and easy to use.

📦 Get a package for your distribution


Beagle IM is a promising new chat app for macOS users. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but supports a lot of modern XMPP features.

📦 Install it from the App Store


Gajim is a full-featured chat app for Windows (also available on Linux and macOS). It has support for most modern XMPP features, including OMEMO encryption via an official plugin.

📦 Download it from the official website

How to connect

Usually, you only need your user address and password to configure your chat application.

Your user address is your-username@kosmos.org.


For advanced users and/or troubleshooting:

C2S port
5222 (StartTLS), 5223 (TLS)
S2S port
Bosh URL
In-band Registration

Multi-user Chat (MUC)

The server is host to a variety of chat rooms. The server's MUC domain is kosmos.chat. Thus, room addresses look like chatroom-name@kosmos.chat. Only local users (with a kosmos.org address) are currently allowed to create chat rooms on kosmos.chat.

Come talk to us in kosmos@kosmos.chat!

Tor hidden service

You can connect to the XMPP service directly from the Tor network. The configuration is the same as for clearnet, except for the server to connect to: