Comparison between ejabberd and Prosody

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Name Written in License Initial release 1.0 release Stable release XEP Notable deployments Built-in support for Let's Encrypt
ejabberd Erlang GPL November 2002 December 2005 18.12 on 2018-12-06 Protocols Supported by ejabberd Notable deployments Yes, PR merged:
Prosody Lua MIT December 2008 Not yet 0.11.1 on 2018-11-28 Prosody modules and Community Modules Notable deployments Using the import command:

Wikipedia page comparing the RFC and XEP support of XMPP servers, including ejabberd and Prosody

Extending XMPP servers for Kosmos

The Ad-hoc commands XEP could be useful for Kosmos:


Logging message to remoteStorage

There are two modules writing logs to text files as examples: and

Ad-hoc commands

Ad-hoc commands are mentioned here in the docs:


Logging message to remoteStorage

"Prosody is powered by events". It's easy to write extensions using Lua that use hooks

For example:

-- mod_hello.lua
function on_message(event)
    module:log("info", "Received a message! Look: %s", tostring(event.stanza));

module:hook("message/bare", on_message); and

Ad-hoc commands

Docs for writing plugins for ad-hoc commands:

And an example:

Multi User Chat management

  • ejabberd has a mod_muc_admin module offering creating rooms, changing room options, inviting users, etc, using the ejabberdctl executable