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lio17, raucao and jonomist had a phone call on Nov 6, 2019, about a potential collaboration between i4Policy and Kosmos. The idea is that Kredits could be used for the development of the open source civic tech, such as the document consultation tool, iConsult, and maybe i4Policy software could also be used for Kosmos governance in the future.

There is going to be a multi-day workshop at the DOTS event in Nakuru (Kenya) in December. Jonomist summarized the event as follows:

Overview of DOTS:

When: 5-7 December

Where: Nakuru, at Lanet Matfam Resort.

Who: GIG and r0g jointly organize DOTS, with more partners joining in!

What: 5 tracks on Dec 5 and 6 with lots of space and time to exchange in between the sessions. Public event on Dec 7.

Kredits/i4Policy Shared Goals for DOTS:

  • Reciprocal code review and feedback
  • UX brainstorming with DOTS participants
  • Draft medium-term development plan (Q2 2020 - Q4 2021) for the i4Policy consultation tool (iConsult) and Kredits
  • Integration of the development plans for a joint project to pilot Kredits for distributed co-creation of iConsult
  • Outlining a joint project proposal: specification of goals, shared expectations, timelines and milestones, budget items/rates, and providing an initial overview of the dividend allocations based on the integrated development plans for i4Policy and Kredits.


In attendance: lio17, raucao, jonomist, and kaleab

Dec 4

  • Team and project introductions (walkthrough of each other's visions, tech and current thinking)

Dec 5

  • Reciprocal code review and feedback
  • Setting the shared vision for collaboration and the agenda
  • Shared brainstorming of initial medium-term development plans

Dec 6

  • Review draft medium-term development plans
  • Establish an integrated development plan
  • Joint project planning

Dec 7

  • UX workshop with other DOTS participants
  • Presentation of i4Policy to public in Nakuru