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Kosmos comes with a complete, built-in file-sharing solution, optimized for the quick sharing of screenshots, screencaps, documents and other files, both on public channels as well as in private company channels.

Kosmos also offers a history view of recently shared files per channel, so it is easy to find something without having to search the chat logs.

When sharing a file in a channel, the Web client uses a nice satellite to render the action and a preview of the file.

Technical implementation

File sharing is based on the remoteStorage protocol. Files are published directly from Hyperchannel to the remote storage.

In public channels, using one's personal remote storage, the files are published there, while in private channels, files are published to the organizations storage.

Image thumbnails are created directly in the browser by the remoteStorage shares module. Long-term the module will be extended for creating e.g. file list for zip files and other preview/summary data.


  • Share file/image icon button next to text input field?
  • Easily share a quick picture from the webcam (can even be animated, e.g. with https://yahoo.github.io/gifshot/)