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Kosmos comes with good support for incoming notifications from services and networks of any type. Prototyping will happen in a Hubot script. Setup should be implemented with the minimal amount of authorization and configuration possible (use e.g. GitHub org hooks).


Sockethub Butlers

Note: not planned to handle on the Sockethub level anymore.

  • Incoming Webhook (usually HTTP POST) to channel/storage
    • Data formats and message rendering for known hooks/services
    • Vanilla hook with defined message format and plain/common rendering for custom services
  • RSS feed to channel/storage (detect known types, e.g. MediaWiki recent-changes feed)
  • Bitcoin wallet transactions to channel/storage
  • Email/IMAP to channel/storage. Would check for emails and parse one or all of sender/recipient/subject/text in order to trigger extracting information and/or post/store to channel/storage.
  • Webpage change tracking to channel/storage (check regularly if content on a page changed)
  • remoteStorage resource change to channel/storage


  • [GitHub] Apparently it's now possible to define a single hook for all activities within an organization: https://developer.github.com/changes/2014-12-03-preview-the-new-organization-webhooks-api/ — that means we might be able to set that once per API/OAuth call and have a single catcher for all GitHub-related things (no more forgetting to configure channel notifications for new repos e.g.). Also, notifications for not just commits, but other activities as well.