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The Kosmos project is running some community IT infrastructure, currently sponsored by 5apps. Please ask in #kosmos-dev on Freenode if you need access, changes, info, or whatever else.



These are root servers run by Hetzner Online GmbH in German datacenters (using renewable energy).

This server is still running Ubuntu 15.04 and the plan is to decommission it soon, due to the difficulties in getting software updates for it.

Currently hosting:

  • (Mastodon)
  • (you're looking at it)
  • (Sockethub)
  • Some IRC and XMPP bots (incl. botka and hal8000 on freenode)
  • IPFS + ipfs-cluster (syncing with andromeda)
  • ...

Most things are configured via Chef Solo, based on (repo currently not public, for security reasons)

Running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Currently hosting:

  • XMPP and MUC (ejabberd)
  • bitcoind (mainnet)
  • lnd (mainnet, node info)
  • c-lightning (mainnet, node info)
  • (IPFS node)
  • ipfs-cluster (to ensure kredits data is replicated)


We started experimenting with Kubernetes recently. There's a 3-node cluster running on Google Kubernetes Engine at the moment.