Meeting Notes: Feb 8, 2019

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Date: Feb 8, 2019
People: galfert, gregkare, lio17, raucao, slvrbckt


  1. Welcome
  2. Find a scribe
  3. Quick sync on the current state of everything Kosmos (non-detailed)
    1. Kosmos Chat (Hyperchannel, Sockethub, XMPP server, ...)
    2. Kosmos Kredits (Contracts, Web UI, ...)
    3. Kosmos infrastructure and public services (Mastodon, XMPP server, Gitea, IPFS + cluster, Bitcoin/LN)
  4. Plan project-specific meetings, with the aim of creating detailed roadmaps
  5. Summary and action items


Current state


  • XMPP functionality basics seem to all working now
  • needs more real life usage
  • not tagged a release yet, needs some language changes
  • will hopefully be tagged sometime next week
  • XMPP extensions (XEPs) could be passed through Sockethub to Hyperchannel for first usage and prototyping, then actual implementation in Sockethub when more experience has been gained
  • possible option to use BOSH instead of Sockethub when we see that Sockethub slows us down too much
  • basics are working for both IRC and XMPP
  • usable on mobile now
  • needs proper onboarding
    • should be simple for a channel creator / foss project maintainer to create something for their project
  • avatars for XMPP channels would be nice
  • different grouping for channels and direct chat messaging would be nice
  • we have a (public) XMPP server running (using ejabberd) for
  • first experience is really good

Summary: looks like most parts are already in place to get it to a state for public demo


  • UI has a pretty good setup
  • Mmber frontend was worked on a lot, integration works pretty well now
  • had some difficulties with the contracts
  • blocking issue was trying to implement everything in the contract
  • might be better to not have everything decentralized but move some of the stuff to the bot
    • would allow easier implementation by not have everything on-chain
  • thinking about changing to automatically confirm smaller amounts after a certain time unless someone vetoed (which then would require an actual voting)
  • bumi looked into Aragon OS for contracts (looking pretty good)
  • bumi will update the wiki with his findings
  • contributions have a token associated with it now (with additional metadata attached)
    • solves a lot of previous issues (e.g. for keeping voting rights and "cash" kredits separate)
  • can be used for transparency already, can be made more decentralized later moving stuff to the smart contracts
      • by Karim from Cologne
      • they are trying to create a collaboration tool
      • they consider to use the kredits contract for their coin issuance and contribute back to it


  • Mastodon ( works quite well (updates are going smooth most of the time)
  • see for details
  • Kosmos Chef repo has been moved to Gitea (
  • needs a separate meeting about further and future infra work
  • added Google Kubernetes Engine
  • some stuff on andromeda is not maintained via Chef yet, because it was installed manually for more spontainious development
  • also set up an IPFS cluster (for syncing pinnings) on both Hetzner boxes
  • Gitea looks like the current best alternative to Github, that is an actual open source community project (in contrast to Gitlab)
  • have some lightning network nodes (lnd, c-lightning) running for experimenting with payments
  • moving everything to Gitea is blocked by CI atm (Travis only works with Github)

Future work

  • Some open issues on
  • Going to have separate meetings for each of the projects, with the main goal to get a proper roadmap for each
  • We should prep for those meetings by triaging issues and document whatever we can until bumi is back to a timezone that makes meetings better for all of us (in about 2 weeks)