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Please note: this page is a bit outdated.

The Agreement

The core team consists of a group of people, who have agreed with each other on several things:

  • Kosmos is sorely needed an we want to use it today/asap/yesterday
  • We can imagine this to be commercially successful, and we can see us founding a company for the paid/pro version and potentially working for it at some point (to whatever degree that might be)
  • We will take the first step and implement the prototype MVP as a side project. Most of us will come to Chaos Communication Camp in August 2015, so we'll try to finish the MVP during our time there and then define how to proceed
  • All work done until then, and (as far as possible) forever, will be published under open-source licenses. However, we want to protect the project name/ trademark, so that people using the name/trademark commercially need to ask our permission, and so that we can use the name commercially ourselves for the benefit of all contributors (incl. non-partners/employees/shareholders).


Name a.k.a. Involvement/expertise Kredit address
Ben Kero bkero SysOps, DevOps, *nix systems, infrastructure development, IRC, open-source collab/community/dev/relations, ...
David Grieshammer lsa, lsa232 User experience design, interaction design, graphic/web design, audio, ...
Garret Alfert galfert Software development (full-stack), Ember.js, RemoteStorage, back-end, payments, ... 1KLjNG9FFyTGzZdtyZjQLqhEz8VqkyKkeF
Greg Karékinian gregkare, gkarekinian Infrastructure development, DevOps, operations, Chef, Ruby, *nix systems ... 1JspMAYETsLWbB1mRaGFFo8kXb96mERFPA
Michael Bumann bumi, derbumi Fin-tech development, blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, crowd funding/investment, ... 1Dwvbv5uMxhgHBbqawDUMSxmxmzL7VJoxV
Nick Jennings silverbucket, slvrbckt Software development (full-stack), JavaScript, Node.js, Sockethub, RemoteStorage, ... 19UubPU4SKymYA7gbqoyStNavQAJDrBA59
Sebastian Kippe basti, skddc, raucao Software development (full-stack), front-end/UI, Ember.js, RemoteStorage / business, funding, human resources, ... 18mFwCsjRr1M1D6kcNwWEEumhpD5i7Amqf