Meeting Notes: Feb 25, 2019

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Date: Feb 25, 2019
People: galfert, gregkare, lio17, raucao, four

Discussion around the roadmap and ToDos for the next months: Roadmap notes copied from Cryptpad

Kredits Roadmap 2019

  1. Deploy new contracts with ERC721 (contribution) token
    1. data must be re-usable / to be able to collect actual tokens we must no longer lose the data
    2. Contribution contract requires veto addition.
  2. Expense Management (e.g. server/infrastructure costs, events, ...)
    1. focus: transparency tracking within the contracts/kredits
    2. payments can be done independent of the contract; e.g. in bitcoin
    3. expense voting can be done on-chain in the expense contract
  3. Dividend payments towards contributors
  4. Onboarding
    1. Do not lose contribution data from people who don't have a kredits account
    2. Record contributions from new contributors for later
    3. Once signed up, create contribution tokens from recorded data
    4. Document exactly how one gets an account and how they would use it for voting/vetoing etc.
    5. Improve manual contribution entry

Related milestones are create for the kredits-web and kredits-contracts GitHub repositories.


Note Nov 17, 2019: the following list is incomplete and hasn't been updated since its original creation. A new roadmap will be documented at DOTS 2019 in December.


  • 🗹 Finish contribution PR, stripping everything possible, adding vetos
  • 🗹 Update contract JS wrapper to support new contracts
  • 🗹 Update Web UI to use new contribution token/metadata


  • 🗹 Onboarding
  • 🗹 Account admin UI
  • Document idea for the kredits economic model (wiki)


  • Expense management


  • Dividends/payouts