Meeting Notes: Mar 7, 2019

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Date: March 8, 2019 (postponed)
People: galfert, gregkare, maxsan, raucao, slvrbckt
Topic: Infrastructure and public services


  1. Welcome
  2. Find a scribe
  3. Infrastructure
    1. Current status
    2. Services
      1. Chat: XMPP server
      2. Chat: Sockethub
      3. Social: Mastodon
      4. Dev: Gitea
      5. Dev: Drone
      6. Kredits: IPFS
      7. Kredits: Ethereum
      8. Payments/donations: Lightning Network
      9. Payments/donations: BTCPay Server
    3. Donations
    4. ...


Current state

  • all servers currently sponsored by 5apps
  • beeing able to track expenses soon would be nice
  • infrastructure is all documented at
  • most of services on Andromeda are not currently configured via chef or anything else
  • started to experiment with Kubernetes in December
  • greg started setting ejabberd via Chef
  • raucau started to setup Drone CI on GKE
  • not having CI on Gitea yet is preventing moving our repos there for now
  • memory issues with IPFS should be fixed now (after the last update)


  • XMPP server:
  • Mastodon:
    • move user files from S3
  • Gitea:
    • waiting for Drone support on Kubernetes ATM
    • need HAProxy ingress setup to stop paying for an expensive load balancer
  • IPFS:
    • should run some more nodes on other servers/machines
    • making Kredits be configurable to use your own IPFS node would be nice
  • Ethereum:
    • would be nice to have our own node running on a separate server (it's using a lot of resources)
    • maybe run a RSK node?
  • BTCPay server:
    • create a multi-sig wallet and add its XPub to BTCPay

Action items

  • need to split up the chef PR for ejabberd
  • check out Mastodon code for possible remoteStorage integration for user files
  • max is going to run IPFS on his homeserver
  • look into for deploying the Kredits contracts
  • look into config options to minimize resource usage of an Ethereum node
  • create Letsencrypt and Nginx config for BTCPay
  • create Letsencrypt and Nginx config for payments API